Mornings on Main

Here’s this week’s line­up for the pop­u­lar local radio pro­gram, Mornings on Main with Tim Smith. You can catch the show every week­day morn­ing begin­ning at 7 AM on WWKY-FM 102.9 or 990 AM. 

Monday, hour 1: Tony Kirk & Tasha Rose, home incar­cer­a­tion
Monday, hour 2: Zeke Poe, Clark Co. Farm Bureau Insurance

Tuesday, hour 1: Kim Miller, 4th of July
Tuesday, hour 2: Jennifer Wilson, Eve’s Uniques

Wednesday, hour 1: Mayor Ed Burtner, City Commission
Wednesday, hour 2: Tim Duncan, Central Bank

Thursday, hour 1: Billy Dion Mullins, Citizen’s Bank of KY
Thursday, hour 2: Stacy Lisle & Steve Sabo, Woody’s Benefit Comedy Show

Friday, hour 1: Daniel Konstantopoulos, Fiscal Court
Friday, hour 2: TBA