The Michael Tate Chronicles

The Michael Tate Chronicles is a series of short books writ­ten by Winchester native Chuck Witt. It fol­lows the adven­tures of a fic­tion­al char­ac­ter, Michael Tate, a qui­et, good-heart­ed man who enjoys liv­ing on a farm out­side of a small town in rur­al cen­tral Kentucky. Self-effac­ing, cour­te­ous, and con­ge­nial, Tate’s com­pa­ny is enjoyed by almost every­one. Everyone, that is, except those he’s been hired to assas­si­nate. They, alas, don’t sur­vive the pleasure!

Each of the fol­low­ing books chron­i­cles one of Michael Tate’s “jobs.” Although they can be read in any order, it’s best to read them in chrono­log­i­cal order, as there is an over­ar­ch­ing sto­ry arc. Enjoy! 

The Michael Tate Chronicles

Book One: The Cincinnati Favor

Book Two: The Hague Massage

Book Three: The Bejing Acupuncture

Book Four: The Maui Condiments

Book Five: The Honolulu Retribution

Book Six: The Chicago/Watseka Payback

Book Seven: The D.C. Reunion

There are a few more yet to be released! We’ll update the list as that hap­pens. Be sure to fol­low us on Facebook or Twitter or sub­scribe to our newslet­ter to always stay on top of new con­tent as we add it.