The Chicago/Watseka Payback

In this series — part of the Chronicles of Michael Tate — Michael faces the tough­est deci­sion of his life as he wres­tles with what he will do once he dis­cov­ers the iden­ti­ty of the man who tried to assas­si­nate him. 

The Cincinnati Favor

Michael Tate is a qui­et, good-heart­ed man who enjoys liv­ing on a small farm out­side of a small town in rur­al cen­tral Kentucky. Self-effac­ing, cour­te­ous, and con­ge­nial, Michael Tate’s com­pa­ny is enjoyed by almost every­one. Everyone, that is, except those he’s been hired to assas­si­nate.  They, alas, don’t sur­vive the pleasure.