Five ran­dom obser­va­tions from a scat­tered mind: East Broadway edition. 

  1. Our town is com­ing alive with murals all over the place. Friday, I got a tip from my friend Adra about a new mur­al fea­tur­ing the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was fin­ished over the week­end, and it’s quite exquis­ite. What a great addi­tion to our down­town this art­work is!
  2. I poked around the area on Friday evening as I saw activ­i­ty going on in the same build­ing that hous­es Micki’s Irish Bar, which is adja­cent to the new mur­al. I stopped in Micki’s and met the pro­pri­etor, Micki Wright, and I chat­ted with her over a beer about plans for the establishment. 
  3. The bar is expand­ing into the adja­cent space next door, on which the mur­al was paint­ed. Micki told me they will have room for live music — yet anoth­er music venue in town! She also said they were already plan­ning a bur­lesque show for open­ing night. Oh my! 
  4. I also ran into Adam Kidd, who was work­ing with a crew of work­ers who were toil­ing away at the build­ing ren­o­va­tions. Adam is known around town for the good work he has been doing in ren­o­vat­ing old­er build­ings, start­ing the “Flag of the Month” pro­gram, and “stir­ring up trou­ble” — his words for his ten­den­cy to draw the ire of pub­lic offi­cials for ask­ing too many ques­tions. (That kind of sounds like RBG, does­n’t it?) 
  5. I hope to do fea­ture sto­ries on both Adam and Micki soon!
  6. Bonus “thing”: I’d nev­er been in that par­tic­u­lar bar before, but I’ll be back. Although their beer selec­tion is very lim­it­ed (Micki not­ed that they don’t have much room — some­thing that will doubt be alle­vi­at­ed by the expan­sion), it’s a neat neigh­bor­hood kind of place. While I was in there, sev­er­al peo­ple came and went, and they were all greet­ed by name, and there was much good-natured rib­bing going on among the patrons and Micki. Sort of a “Cheers” vibe. 

  • Pete Koutoulas

    Pete is an IT pro­fes­sion­al work­ing in Lexington. Formerly of Campton, he and his wife have lived in Winchester since 2015. Pete is a for­mer week­ly news­pa­per pub­lish­er and for­mer colum­nist for the Winchester Sun. These days, when not work­ing he can often be found on his back porch read­ing or writ­ing, in the back­yard tend­ing to his toma­to plants, or put­ter­ing around in his garage or work­shop. Reach Pete at