Five ran­dom thoughts from dri­ving around our fair city and perus­ing the local news­pa­per (not at the same time!) this week…

  1. Great to see activ­i­ty again at the for­mer Tim Short Chevrolet lot on North Maple. It is now occu­pied by CountryTyme Motors, and the lot is full of what appear to be good, late-mod­el used cars. It’s my under­stand­ing that the new own­ers mean to bring the Chevrolet fran­chise back to Winchester even­tu­al­ly. Best of luck to them. We need more retail activ­i­ty in this part of town. 
  2. Based on my social media feed, this will be an unpop­u­lar opin­ion, but I’ve nev­er let that stop me before. That new “bump-out” curb at the pedes­tri­an cross­ing at West Lexington and Wall Street? I don’t under­stand why so many peo­ple have their knick­ers in a knot over this. The point of the change was to increase safe­ty for folks cross­ing this busy street — some­thing that was bad­ly need­ed. I’ve dri­ven this route many times since the change, and as a dri­ver, it caus­es me not the least bit of incon­ve­nience. People say­ing they’ve hit the curb (and even dam­aged their vehi­cles) are either not watch­ing the road, or they’re hug­ging the curb as they approach the inter­sec­tion — nei­ther of which is a good thing. 
  3. It’s good to see that we’re appar­ent­ly step­ping-up enforce­ment of the “no trucks” pol­i­cy on Boone Avenue. Big trucks exit­ing the free­way at Winchester to pro­ceed to KY 627 / Boonesboro Rd are sup­posed to use exit 94 and take Bypass Road to Boonesboro (and the reverse route). But too often, trucks com­ing from the east take exit 96 and fol­low Maple Street to Boone Avenue, cut­ting through down­town and a res­i­den­tial neigh­bor­hood along the way. Chuck Witt has a piece about this com­ing this week. Watch for it. 
  4. Warren Taylor report­ed in the Sun this week that the Board of Education will prob­a­bly be boot­ing the deci­sion on a new board mem­ber to replace Brenda Considine. Overwhelmed at the num­ber of appli­cants for the vacant seat — they received nine — the local school board will con­sult with the Kentucky Department of Education. The choice could ulti­mate­ly be made by state Education Commissioner Jason Glass. I think the fact that nine res­i­dents of the dis­trict are inter­est­ed in serv­ing on the board is a very good indi­ca­tor of com­mu­ni­ty inter­est in the pub­lic schools.
  5. You can learn a lot about the goings-on and future devel­op­ments in Clark County by read­ing the clas­si­fied ads in the paper, par­tic­u­lar­ly the legal­ly-required pub­lic notices. This week I learned that two new estab­lish­ments — one on North Main in Winchester and one at Ford – have applied for liquor licens­es. Another pub­lic notice informs us that the next meet­ing of the plan­ning com­mis­sion will be a busy one, with sev­er­al new hous­ing devel­op­ments under con­sid­er­a­tion, includ­ing 90 new town­homes across Lexington Avenue from Legacy Grove. I’m still wait­ing for some­one to build some afford­able starter homes.

  • Pete Koutoulas

    Pete is an IT pro­fes­sion­al work­ing in Lexington. Formerly of Campton, he and his wife have lived in Winchester since 2015. Pete is a for­mer week­ly news­pa­per pub­lish­er and for­mer colum­nist for the Winchester Sun. These days, when not work­ing he can often be found on his back porch read­ing or writ­ing, in the back­yard tend­ing to his toma­to plants, or put­ter­ing around in his garage or work­shop. Reach Pete at