I have to be hon­est with you all — this past week has been so busy that I failed mis­er­ably at keep­ing up with WinCity. I did­n’t get all the con­tent pub­lished that was sub­mit­ted. I was a day late on the newslet­ter. I failed to make notes for this col­umn through­out the week as I nor­mal­ly do. 

But when there is bad news, there is usu­al­ly good news as well, right? Sure, I’ll go with that: the good news is we actu­al­ly have more new con­tent than usu­al for the com­ing week, due to my slack­ing last week! 

So, let’s change things up a bit — this week, I’m going to use this space to give a pre­view of some great new pieces com­ing your way in the new week!

  1. On Monday, we have a col­umn from Erin Skinner Smith that blew me away when I read it! Maybe it’s the Greek in me, but her piece, The Magic of Merika, is a must-read in my not-so-hum­ble opin­ion. Also on Monday, Chuck Witt talks about a cou­ple of dilap­i­dat­ed build­ings down­town and sug­gests some­thing to do about them. 
  2. Tuesday brings us three new pieces. First up, The Michael Tate Chronicles returns with the start of a brand new adven­ture that will take our hero to the nation­s’s cap­i­tal. Wes Moody shares an absolute­ly stun­ning and beau­ti­ful sun­set tak­en at the reser­voir on the evening of July 4th. And final­ly, our newest con­trib­u­tor and board mem­ber Mike Caldwell writes about a close call he had with a health issue, and how a local walk­ing trail helped him get back on track. 
  3. Harry Enoch’s pop­u­lar pho­tog­ra­phy series, Abandoned Clark County, returns on Wednesday! And Chuck shares a beau­ti­ful poem about Stonehenge.
  4. “They’re already here! You’re next!” If you’re a fan of 1950s sci-fi, you might rec­og­nize that line from the grand­dad­dy of all sci-fi flicks, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Thursday leads off with Ron Kibbey’s Reel Classics, as he takes a look back at this icon­ic flick. We also have anoth­er com­men­tary from Chuck in which he takes a sort of tongue-in-cheek look at the bright side of what a pos­si­ble dec­la­ra­tion of inde­pen­dence for Texas would mean for the rest of the U.S.
  5. As usu­al, Friday leads off with the lat­est install­ment of Jeff Brandt’s pop­u­lar series, Jeff’s Playlist. This week’s fea­ture is… well, I’m not going to tell you which clas­sic album is fea­tured this week. Because that would spoil the sur­prise, would­n’t it? You’ll just have to check back in on Friday! Also on Friday, anoth­er install­ment of the new Michael Tate series will drop. 

Well, that’s either been a help­ful pre­view for next week or a lazy guy’s way to fill out a “five things” col­umn. Either way, I hope y’all have a great week and keep fol­low­ing WinCity!

  • Pete Koutoulas

    Pete is an IT pro­fes­sion­al work­ing in Lexington. Formerly of Campton, he and his wife have lived in Winchester since 2015. Pete is a for­mer week­ly news­pa­per pub­lish­er and for­mer colum­nist for the Winchester Sun. These days, when not work­ing he can often be found on his back porch read­ing or writ­ing, in the back­yard tend­ing to his toma­to plants, or put­ter­ing around in his garage or work­shop. Reach Pete at pete@wincitynews.org.