Bernard Fraley calls this “a prose-poem exper­i­ment as a kind of com­ment on the divi­sive­ness going on in today’s soci­ety.” [–Ed]

It’s fun­ny when you do not under­stand the advice you are giv­en. I guess fun­ny is not the right word.

When I was a child, my par­ents told me that pep­per made food hot. I used a lot of salt so food would not burn my mouth.

There are some who think that night and day are two things. I do not under­stand why I must choose which side of a thing to stand on.

When there is only one thing, lots of lit­tle things only add up to dif­fer­ent sides of the same non-ques­tion. It’s fun­ny how 

when leaves are scat­tered all over the ground, no one asks a ques­tion about them being the foot­prints of trees.

I went this morn­ing to talk to my neigh­bor about poet­ry. He advised me to read Keats if I want­ed to know about beauty.

Ones I love live far from here, but I think of them and find it beau­ti­ful. I don’t think I know any­thing about poet­ry. I just live with it like hot and cold.

  • Bernard Fraley

    Winchester native Bernard Fraley has worn many hats, includ­ing author, pho­tog­ra­ph­er, painter, poet, reporter, news­pa­per edi­tor, and more. Find some of his books on Amazon.