Smart phone

Are you hav­ing trou­ble get­ting local tele­phone calls to go through? It could be that you are not dial­ing the 859 area code. 

As of last Sunday, those of us in the 859 area code — which includes Winchester as well as most of cen­tral and north­ern Kentucky — must dial all ten dig­its, even for local num­bers. This means you may need to update stored num­bers in your phone. 

This change was made in prepa­ra­tion for a new emer­gency three-dig­it num­ber. Similar to 911, the new num­ber for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline will soon be 988 for any­one in the USA. There are local exchanges in the 859 area code that begin with 988, so to pre­vent con­flicts with the new emer­gency num­ber, callers to the 859 area code must dial 1–859 before call­ing, even if it’s only across town. 

The new sui­cide life­line won’t go into effect until next July 2022. Until then, con­tin­ue to call the exist­ing National Suicide Prevention num­ber, which is 1−800−273−8255.