Bewilderment book cover

By Tim Janes, guest contributor

Bewilderment, the new nov­el by Richard Powers, is now avail­able at the Clark County Public Library. Powers is a Pulitzer Prize win­ner for his book The Overstory

Bewilderment is the touch­ing sto­ry of a father and son nav­i­gat­ing life and the uni­verse. The father, Theo Byrne, is an astro­bi­ol­o­gist. Some of the most inter­est­ing pas­sages regard our cur­rent under­stand­ing of oth­er plan­ets in the uni­verse and the pos­si­bil­i­ty of life beyond earth. 

Theo’s son Robin is a sen­si­tive child learn­ing to under­stand our some­times crazy world. One of the places that pro­vide Robin with com­fort is the pub­lic library.

I love the fol­low­ing pas­sage from the book:

“My son loved the library. He loved putting books on hold online and hav­ing them wait­ing, bun­dled up with his name, when he came for them. He loved the benev­o­lence that the stacks held out, their map of the known world. He loved the all-you-can-eat buf­fet of bor­row­ing. He loved the lend­ing his­to­ries stamped into the front of each book, the record of strangers who checked them out before him. The library was the best dun­geon crawl imag­in­able: free loot for the find­ing, com­bined with the joy of lev­el­ing up.”

I encour­age you to get out and vis­it the Clark County Public Library. Our library has great resources, peo­ple, and pro­grams. Get this book or find a trea­sure of your own!

Tim Janes is a guest con­trib­u­tor to WinCity News & Views.