Help us spread the word: Groups col­lect­ing items to donate to tor­na­do vic­tims, please send us your infor­ma­tion to

Salvation Army

To donate through SA, go to and click on the donate tab. To donate local­ly, take items to Traditional Bank and des­ig­nate it for Clark County Salvation Army for dis­as­ter relief.

Lady Veterans Connect 

Lady Veterans Connect is using its facil­i­ty at 11400 Irvine Road as a stag­ing site for col­lect­ing items for tor­na­do vic­tims in Western Kentucky. Once col­lect­ed, the items will be deliv­ered to the affect­ed areas by the Winchester Police Department. 

Executive direc­tor Phyllis Abbott has indi­cat­ed a need for the fol­low­ing items:

  • work gloves
  • hard hats
  • plas­tic totes
  • per­son­al hygiene items
  • clean­ing supplies
  • laun­dry detergent
  • dia­pers
  • adult dia­pers
  • rub­ber boots
  • tow­els and washcloths
  • non­per­ish­able food
  • bot­tled water
  • food and gas cards
  • dog and cat food
  • new pil­lows and blankets
  • sleep­ing bags
  • paper tow­els
  • toi­let paper
  • baby wipes

More infor­ma­tion can be obtained by call­ing (859) 806‑4297 or by email at