Last week, I did­n’t have any­thing for my week­ly “five things” piece, so I took the lazy way out and instead devot­ed that space to a pre­view of the upcom­ing week here at WinCity. Well, that pre­view piece proved so pop­u­lar that I’ve now worked myself into anoth­er week­ly chore. So much for tak­ing the lazy way out! Anyway, here’s what you can expect to see in the com­ing week. 

New contributor debuts

I’m guess­ing most every­one read­ing this knows — or knows of — our newest con­trib­u­tor. Her name is Lisa Johns, and we are thrilled to wel­come her to WiNCity. Lisa is a retired teacher and librar­i­an, but most folks will know her as a devot­ed advo­cate for down­town Winchester and a for­mer news­pa­per colum­nist. Lisa’s first col­umn for us will appear on Tuesday.

The rest of the week

Monday kicks off with anoth­er great piece by Erin Skinner Smith, “Amazing Grace,” about some­one who had a great influ­ence on her life, and so much more. Be sure to check it out. Also on Monday, you’ll get to see an amaz­ing pho­to com­po­si­tion by Wes Moody, tak­en dur­ing the recent full “buck” moon. You’ll def­i­nite­ly want to see this. 

On Tuesday and Friday, we’ll drop the third and fourth chap­ters of Michael Tate’s lat­est caper, “The D.C. Reunion,” by Chuck Witt.

Chuck will also have an opin­ion piece on Wednesday you’ll want to read. And Adra Fisher returns as well on that day with a love­ly piece about her rela­tion­ship with her sis­ter. As usu­al, she also includes bonus water­col­or art­work with this piece. 

On Thursday, we’ll have a book review from reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor Randy Patrick. Randy will pre­view a book called The Taking of Jemima Boone by Matthew Pearl. Most locals will be famil­iar with the sto­ry of how Daniel Boone’s three teenage daugh­ters were kid­napped by Shawnee and Cherokee war­riors and lat­er res­cued by their famous father.

Friday starts off the way Fridays always do around here, with anoth­er episode of the pop­u­lar music fea­ture, “Jeff’s Playlist.” 

That’s all we have lined up for now, but you nev­er know when we might sneak some­thing else in, so be sure to keep vis­it­ing and fol­low us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Pete Koutoulas

    Pete is an IT pro­fes­sion­al work­ing in Lexington. Formerly of Campton, he and his wife have lived in Winchester since 2015. Pete is a for­mer week­ly news­pa­per pub­lish­er and for­mer colum­nist for the Winchester Sun. These days, when not work­ing he can often be found on his back porch read­ing or writ­ing, in the back­yard tend­ing to his toma­to plants, or put­ter­ing around in his garage or work­shop. Reach Pete at