From the editor:

The PDF doc­u­ment linked below is the well-researched and sourced work of WCN&V con­trib­u­tor and local his­to­ri­an Harry Enoch. In it, Harry details avail­able infor­ma­tion from pub­lic records and con­tem­po­rary news­pa­per accounts of six inci­dents of racial ter­ror in Clark County’s his­to­ry. Commonly referred to as “lynch­ings,” these are ille­gal exe­cu­tion of black men by vigilantes. 

The vic­tims were iden­ti­fied by the sources as:

Ben Johnson

Bob Haggard

“A young Black man named Knight”

“A Black man ‘belong­ing’ to Daniel Sphar”

Fielding Waller

William Hart

And these six inci­dents are only the ones Harry was able to find, being doc­u­ment­ed. Who knows how many oth­er such acts of racial­ly-moti­vat­ed vio­lence occurred in our his­to­ry. Those names, and their sto­ries, may sad­ly be lost for­ev­er to the dusty annals history. 

The doc­u­ment may be down­loaded and read using the link below. 

  • Harry is a Mt. Sterling native who has lived in Clark County since1999. He has a pas­sion for the past and has researched and writ­ten exten­sive­ly about the his­to­ry of this area.