Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh)

Charcoal lines drawn and rubbed
Onto dear­ly bought paper
Portraying the gloom
And sur­round­ing sad­ness
In depress­ing tones and shad­ows
Moving on
No more pota­to eaters
The somber shades of col­or
Hastily applied
Depicting a life large­ly lived
And fur­ther still
Brilliant flash­es
Brilliant hues
Gold and blue and crimson

Cypresses sun­flow­ers
Irises cathe­drals
Sidewalk cafes
Fields of grain and grass
Troubled mind trou­bled soul
No respite no surcease
Don McLean trib­ute
To a fond farewell
Of blaz­ing heav­ens
Distant suns
Goodbye good­bye
You blazed
As did your work
And unap­pre­ci­at­ed

  • Chuck Witt

    Chuck is a retired archi­tect, a for­mer news­pa­per colum­nist, and a life­long res­i­dent of Winchester.