Turn to every sound –
falling rocks, wash­ing shores,
voic­es of the world beck­on­ing.
And if the sun should blind you,
hear bird songs that stars still look upon.
Bless the focus of ears, eyes raised
to antler and ant, bush and seed –
How sen­su­ous this call to community!

Bring more silence to hear
avail­ing winds bear up whirligigs …
see blind moles bear up earth … maybe moun­tains …
hear worms air­ing through roots, and birthing of lambs
peal­ing laugh­ter from delight­ed chil­dren.
Who would be great­est of these with­out these?
Even in the small view of a gnat’s eye,
we are multitudes.

  • Bernard Fraley

    Winchester native Bernard Fraley has worn many hats, includ­ing author, pho­tog­ra­ph­er, painter, poet, reporter, news­pa­per edi­tor, and more. Find some of his books on Amazon.