While I was walk­ing the oth­er day, nature pre­sent­ed me with this love­ly bouquet–a native wild­flower mix of wild gera­ni­ums, beaked corn sal­ad, daisy flea­bane, and lark­spur. Although I love pho­tograph­ing a broad land­scape scene, these types of small nat­ur­al land­scapes also bring me joy.

The path I was walk­ing is an old one; it was used by Kentucky’s ear­ly set­tlers in the 1770s and by indige­nous peo­ples long before that. The rock wall in the back­ground bor­ders the path and was built about 170 years ago. 

No one inten­tion­al­ly plant­ed these wild­flow­ers. The area has been care­ful­ly man­aged to remove and con­trol inva­sive plants, and the seeds for the native plants have been in the soil seed bank, wait­ing for an oppor­tu­ni­ty to sprout and show them­selves once again.

"Spring Bouquet" by Wes Moody
“Spring Bouquet” by Wes Moody

  • Wes Moody

    Wes is a retired engi­neer. He and his wife live in rur­al Clark County with their dog and cat. He is a nature and land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy enthu­si­ast, and also enjoys hik­ing and play­ing djembe.