Passion Flower
Passion Flower — pho­to by Wes Moody (Click to enlarge)

This exot­ic-look­ing flower is a pas­sion flower. Although it looks like it should be grow­ing in the trop­ics, this species is native to Kentucky. They are vine-grow­ing and can take over an area if left alone. The plant has some med­i­c­i­nal uses, and the flow­ers set an edi­ble fruit about the size of a lemon.

Passion flow­ers have been bloom­ing at our place for sev­er­al weeks already. This one was grow­ing down the front of our old stone root cel­lar and was illu­mi­nat­ed by the last light of the day.

Several types of bees gath­er pollen and nec­tar from them. The nec­tar, if overindulged, can have an intox­i­cat­ing effect on the bees. We have observed them seem­ing­ly dis­ori­ent­ed, and then falling asleep on the flowers.

  • Wes Moody

    Wes is a retired engi­neer. He and his wife live in rur­al Clark County with their dog and cat. He is a nature and land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy enthu­si­ast, and also enjoys hik­ing and play­ing djembe.