The Kentucky River was swollen from recent rain and snowmelt. I often dri­ve the nar­row road along it when I need a quick coun­try road fix; it’s just a few min­utes from home and there
is always some­thing inter­est­ing to see along the way.

The water at Lock and Dam #10 at Boonesborough was rolling, cre­at­ing sev­er­al par­al­lel waves above the dam before crash­ing over it. I was intrigued by their shape and I thought they would make an inter­est­ing abstract pho­to but I need­ed dif­fer­ent light­ing on them to make them stand out. I resolved to return the next day if the light was better. 

I did go back the next day and this is the result­ing pho­to. I used a long shut­ter speed to accen­tu­ate the blur effect and rotat­ed the pho­to from land­scape to por­trait mode.

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  • Wes Moody

    Wes is a retired engi­neer. He and his wife live in rur­al Clark County with their dog and cat. He is a nature and land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy enthu­si­ast, and also enjoys hik­ing and play­ing djembe.