I began paint­ing again in ear­ly 2020 after a 50-year hia­tus. Retirement offers greater oppor­tu­ni­ties to under­take such efforts. I am a lazy painter and pre­fer to work in acrylics, not only because they are less expen­sive than oils but because they are eas­i­er to clean up after a ses­sion, espe­cial­ly if one is using only a palette knife. 

This paint­ing, a 12″ x 16″ acrylic on can­vas board, is tak­en from a pho­to­graph of mine from many years ago when film cam­eras were still in vogue.

I don’t give titles to my paint­ings. They may have some title in my own mind, but I pre­fer to allow the view­er to form their own opin­ion and pro­vide their own label.

I shall sub­mit oth­er paint­ings peri­od­i­cal­ly and the view­er will no doubt see that I have no style, no genre. I paint what I choose on the spur of the moment, whether it be abstract, geo­met­ric, impres­sion­is­tic, but there is no pro­gres­sion from one style to the oth­er, just a flit­ting as moods dictate.

Picasso moved from real­is­tic sketch­es to his Blue Period to total abstrac­tions. Van Gogh began with very somber scenes like his Potato Eaters to his glo­ri­ous col­or ren­di­tions like Starry Night and Wheat Fields and Cypress Trees.

There is unlike­ly to be such pro­gres­sion for me as I con­tin­ue to strug­gle with styles but per­haps vari­ety real­ly is the “spice of life”.

  • Chuck Witt

    Chuck is a retired archi­tect, a for­mer news­pa­per colum­nist, and a life­long res­i­dent of Winchester.