Todds Road scenery is always bucol­ic, but I espe­cial­ly enjoy it in spring­time as calves dot the land­scape, join­ing the curi­ous cows and mas­sive bulls that enliv­en the pas­tures year-round.

Inspired by the con­trast of dark cat­tle against emer­ald green grass­land, my water­col­or-and-pen land­scape took a trip­py psy­che­del­ic turn that sur­prised even an old hip­pie like me.

"Out standing in their field" -- watercolor-and-pen landscape by Adra Fisher
“Out stand­ing in their field” — water­col­or-and-pen land­scape by Adra Fisher. (Click to enlarge)

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    Adra Fisher grew up in Winchester, moved away in her ear­ly 20s and returned a quar­ter of a cen­tu­ry lat­er. She enjoys all types of art and encour­ag­ing oth­ers to live creatively.