Lifehouse Elements — Pete Townshend

Lifehouse is an unfin­ished sci­ence-fic­tion rock opera by The Who intend­ed as a fol­low-up to Tommy. It was aban­doned as a rock opera in favor of cre­at­ing the tra­di­tion­al rock album Who’s Next, though its songs would appear on var­i­ous albums and sin­gles by The Who, as well as on Townshend’s solo albums. 

In 1978, aspects of the Lifehouse project were revis­it­ed by The Who on Who Are You. In 2000, Townshend revived the Lifehouse con­cept with his box set Lifehouse Chronicles and the sam­pler Lifehouse Elements, pre­sent­ed here.

Last week’s Playlist, Who Came First, was the first release of music cre­at­ed dur­ing the two-decade process.

Songs such as “Gettin’ in Tune” and “Behind Blue Eyes,” fea­tured here, are Townshend’s solo mix­es of clas­sics fea­tured on Who’s Next. “Who Are You,” also fea­tured here, is a great rap ver­sion of the song released by The Who.

Album Information

1.         “One Note (Prologue)”                                                        1:26
2.         “Baba O’Riley”                                                                      9:36
3.         “Pure and Easy”                                                                   8:35
4.         “New Song”                                                                           5:02
5.         “Gettin’ in Tune”                                                                    4:04
6.         “Behind Blue Eyes”                                                              3:59
7.         “Let’s See Action”                                                                 6:16
8.         “Who Are You”                                                                      9:05
9.         “Won’t Get Fooled Again”                                                   8:27
10.       “Baba M1”                                                                             3:05
11.       “The Song Is Over”                                                              5:43

Released   May 23, 2000 (US)
Label         Redline Entertainment

In the video below, “Prologue” and “Baba O’Riley” are dif­fer­ent songs.

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