Album cover: Cream Royal Albert Hall

Cream — Royal Albert Hall — London, May 2−3−5−6, 2005

This rounds out my “Live Cream Month” selec­tions. Thirty-sev­en years after last week’s Playlist pick, this Cream reunion per­for­mance took place. The band was in excel­lent form and played four dates at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The CDs (which are what I have) have 19 songs includ­ed and record­ings from three shows: May 3, 5 & 6, 2005, but not May 2.

Clapton, Bruce, and Baker are notice­ably old­er but musi­cal­ly great. The record­ed sound is much nicer than the pri­or live per­for­mances pre­sent­ed from 1968, but what do you expect after 37 years? The embed­ded YouTube video below has 21 songs from those dates and is a joy to lis­ten to and watch.

Unfortunately, both Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker died in 2015, so this will be it for new Cream music. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

The Youtube live per­for­mance pre­sent­ed below con­tains the fol­low­ing tracks:

“I’m So Glad” (James)
“Spoonful” (Dixon)
“Outside Woman Blues” (Reynolds; arr. Clapton)
“Pressed Rat and Warthog” (Baker, Taylor)
“Sleepy Time Time” 1 (Bruce, Godfrey)
“N.S.U.” (Bruce)
“Badge” 1 (Clapton, Harrison)
“Politician” (Bruce, Brown)
“Sweet Wine” (Baker, Godfrey)
“Rollin’ and Tumblin’ ” (Newbern)
“Stormy Monday” 2 (Walker)
“Deserted Cities of the Heart” 1 (Bruce, Brown)
“Born Under a Bad Sign” (Bell, Jones)
“Crossroads” (Johnson; arr. Clapton)
“Sitting on Top of the World” (Walter Vinson, Lonnie Chatmon; arr. Chester Burnett)
“White Room” 1 (Bruce, Brown)
“Toad” 2 (Baker)
“Sunshine of Your Love” 1 (Bruce, Clapton, Brown)
“Sleepy Time Time” (Alternate Take) (Bruce, Godfrey) (Extra fea­ture)
“We’re Going Wrong” (Alternate Take) 1 (Bruce) (Extra fea­ture)
“Sunshine of Your Love” (Alternate Take) (Bruce, Clapton, Brown) (Extra feature)

Although the album title men­tions all four dates Cream played in May 2005, these releas­es con­tain no per­for­mances record­ed on May 2.

1 These tracks record­ed May 3.
2 These tracks record­ed May 5.
All oth­er tracks record­ed May 6.

Jack Bruce – vocals, bass gui­tar, har­mon­i­ca
Eric Clapton – gui­tar, vocals
Ginger Baker – drums, cow­bells, vocals
Simon Climie – audio pro­duc­tion
Mick Guzauski – audio mix­er
Alan Douglas – Recording Engineer

  • Jeff Brandt

    Jeff has been a music fan since the age of 7 when the album Meet the Beatles hit the streets. He grew up in Hoptown and went to col­lege at UK a cou­ple of times. He retired in 2016 and is cur­rent­ly amass­ing his music col­lec­tion. Jeff says he loves being retired but is tired of quarantining.