Album cover: Northern Lights Southern Cross

The Band — Northern Lights Southern Cross

This is the first Band album I owned and I start­ed off with a doozy. This is their sixth stu­dio release and I have real­ly enjoyed it over the years. The Band has always been a quirky lis­ten but they endured with a lot of mem­o­rable music. Great musi­cians all around.

Album Information

All songs writ­ten and com­posed by Robbie Robertson

1.      “Forbidden Fruit”

2.      “Hobo Jungle”

3.      “Ophelia”          

4.      “Acadian Driftwood” 

5.      “Ring Your Bell” 

6.      “It Makes No Difference” 

7.      “Jupiter Hollow” 

8.      “Rags and Bones” 

9.      “Twilight (Early alter­nate version)” 

10.    “Christmas Must Be Tonight (Alternate version)”

Rick Danko – bass, gui­tar, vio­lin, har­mon­i­ca, vocals, mixing

Levon Helm – drums, gui­tar, per­cus­sion, vocals

Garth Hudson – organ, key­boards, accor­dion, sax­o­phones, syn­the­siz­ers, pic­co­lo, brass, wood­wind, chanter, bass, mixing

Richard Manuel – acoustic and elec­tric piano, key­boards, organ, drums, clavinet, per­cus­sion, vocals

Robbie Robertson – gui­tars, piano, clavinet, melod­i­ca, per­cus­sion, mixing

Byron Berline – fid­dle on “Acadian Driftwood”

Nat Jeffrey – engi­neer, mixing

Rob Fraboni – engi­neer, mixing

Ed Anderson – engineer

Released  November 1, 1975

Recorded Spring–Summer 1975

Studio       Shangri-La Studio, Zuma Beach, California

Length      40:40

Label         Capitol

Producer  The Band

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  • Jeff Brandt

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