Naturally — JJ Cale

Album cover - Naturally - JJ Cale

This is JJ Cale’s first album, and it’s the first one I ever heard. I have been a fan ever since. 

The album fea­tures “Call Me the Breeze,” immor­tal­ized by Skynyrd, “Magnolia,” immor­tal­ized by The Eagles, and “After Midnight,” immor­tal­ized by Clapton — all clas­sics writ­ten by JJ. 

He also wrote “Cocaine,” fea­tured on a lat­er album Troubadour and made famous by Clapton. This album was record­ed in a lit­tle town just south of Hoptown: Nashville.

I have con­tin­ued to col­lect all of JJ’s record­ings, but I think this is his best.

Album information

Released: 1972
Recorded: September 29, 1970–June 9, 1971
Studio: Bradley’s Barn, Mount Juliet, Tennessee and Moss Rose Studio, Nashville, Tennessee

Track listing

“Call Me the Breeze” – 2:35
“Call the Doctor” – 2:26
“Don’t Go to Strangers” – 2:22
“Woman I Love” – 2:36
“Magnolia” – 3:23
“Clyde” (C. W. Beavers, J. J. Cale) – 2:29
“Crazy Mama” – 2:22
“Nowhere to Run” – 2:26
“After Midnight” – 2:23
“River Runs Deep” – 2:42
“Bringing It Back” – 2:44
“Crying Eyes” – 3:13


J. J. Cale – gui­tar, vocals
Karl Himmel – drums
Chuck Browning – drums
Tim Drummond – bass
Carl Radle – bass
Norbert Putnam – bass
Bob Wilson – piano
David Briggs – piano, organ
Jerry Whitehurst – piano
Weldon Myrick – steel gui­tar
Buddy Spicher – fid­dle
Shorty Lavender – fid­dle
Walter Hayness – dobro
Mac Gayden – slide gui­tar
Ed Colis – har­mon­i­ca
Diane Davidson – back­ing vocals

Here’s a full ver­sion of the album. Enjoy.

  • Jeff Brandt

    Jeff has been a music fan since the age of 7 when the album Meet the Beatles hit the streets. He grew up in Hoptown and went to col­lege at UK a cou­ple of times. He retired in 2016 and is cur­rent­ly amass­ing his music col­lec­tion. Jeff says he loves being retired but is tired of quarantining.