Santana Caravanserai

Album cover: Caravanserai
Album cov­er: Caravanserai

This is Santana’s fourth album and was quite a bit dif­fer­ent from the first three. It took some time for me to get into, but even­tu­al­ly, it became my favorite Santana record­ing. Some of the orig­i­nal musi­cians had left the group, which accounts for the change in style. I like it.

Listen to Santana’s Caravanserai here:

Album Information

Track List

1.         “Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation“
2.         “Waves Within”       
3.         “Look Up (To See What’s Coming Down)“
4.         “Just in Time to See the Sun”      
5.         “Song of the Wind“
6.         “All the Love of the Universe”       
7.         “Future Primitive”    
8.         “Stone Flower”        
9.         “La Fuente del Ritmo”        
10.       “Every Step of the Way” 

Total length:  51:21

Carlos Santana – gui­tar, vocals, per­cus­sion
Neal Schon – gui­tar
Gregg Rolie – organ, elec­tric piano, vocals, piano
Douglas Rauch – bass, gui­tar
Douglas Rodrigues – gui­tar
Wendy Haas – piano
Tom Rutley – acoustic bass
Michael Shrieve – drums, per­cus­sion, vocals
José “Chepito” Areas – per­cus­sion, con­gas, tim­bales, bon­gos
James Mingo Lewis – per­cus­sion, con­gas, bon­gos, vocals, acoustic piano
Armando Peraza – per­cus­sion, bon­gos
Hadley Caliman – sax­o­phone, flute
Rico Reyes – vocals
Lenny White – cas­tanets
Tom Coster – elec­tric piano
Tom Harrell – orches­tra arrangement

Released:  October 11, 1972
Recorded: February 21–May 5, 1972
Studio:  Columbia Studios, SFCA
Produced: Carlos Santana & Mike Shrieve

Recorded & engi­neered by Glen Kolotkin & Mike Larner
Label: Columbia/CBS

  • Jeff Brandt

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