Thanks I’ll Eat It Here — Lowell George

I nev­er was much of a Little Feat fan, but I sure do like this Lowell George solo album. Because of his untime­ly death, this was his only solo effort.

I saw Little Feat in St. Louis before George died, and it was a fab­u­lous con­cert. George died on June 29, 1979, at the age of 34. This made fur­ther fol­low­ing Little Feat dif­fi­cult for me. To me, George was the heart and soul of the band. Eventually, I bought the whole col­lec­tion of Little Feat record­ings (with George onboard) but haven’t con­tin­ued to col­lect the band’s albums post-George.

Although they do not play togeth­er on any sin­gle track, Richie Hayward and Bill Payne, both mem­bers of Little Feat, play on this album. George was also able to call on the ser­vices of top-class ses­sion play­ers and back­ing vocalists.

The cov­er art, paint­ed by Neon Park, is a ver­sion of Édouard Manet’s famous paint­ing “Le déje­uner sur l’herbe” with Marlene Dietrich, Fidel Castro, and Bob Dylan as the diners.

The CD is still avail­able; pick one up if you like it. This would be a nice New Year’s Eve sound­track, and you can lis­ten to the whole album here. 

Happy New Year everybody!

Album infor­ma­tion

Released — March 2, 1979
Studio — Sunset Sound, Los Angeles
Length — 33:47
Label — Warner Bros. Records
Producer — Lowell George

Track list­ing

“What Do You Want the Girl to Do” (Allen Toussaint) – 4:46
“Honest Man” (Lowell George, Fred Tackett) – 3:45
“Two Trains” (George) – 4:32
“I Can’t Stand the Rain” (Ann Peebles, Don Bryant, Bernie Miller) – 3:21
“Cheek to Cheek” (George, Van Dyke Parks, Martin Kibbee (aka Fred Martin)) – 2:23
“Easy Money” (Rickie Lee Jones) – 3:29
“Twenty Million Things” (George, Jed Levy) – 2:50
“Find a River” (Tackett) – 3:45
“Himmler’s Ring” (Jimmy Webb) – 2:28
CD bonus track
“Heartache” (with Valerie Carter) (George, Ivan Ulz) – 2:28

Artists appear­ing

Lowell George – gui­tar, vocals, pro­duc­tion
Bonnie Raitt – vocals
James Newton Howard – key­boards
Chuck Rainey – bass
Denny Christianson – key­boards, horns
David Foster – key­boards
Chilli Charles – drums
Nicky Hopkins – key­boards
Jim Price – horns
Jim Keltner – drums
Jim Gordon – drums
Michael Baird – drums
Dennis Belfield – bass
Bobby Bruce – vio­lin, gui­tar
Turner Stephen Bruton – gui­tar
Luis Damian – gui­tar, key­boards
Gordon DeWitty – key­boards, piano
Maxine Dixon – piano
Arthur Gerst – piano
Jimmy Greenspoon – gui­tar, piano
Roberto Gutierrez – vocals, gui­tar, drums
Richie Hayward – drums
Jerry Jumonville – sax­o­phone, gui­tar
Ron Koss – gui­tar, engi­neer­ing
Darrell Leonard – horn, vocals
Maxayn Lewis – vocals
David Paich – key­boards
Jeff Porcaro – drums
Dean Parks – gui­tar, key­boards
Bruce Paulson – key­boards
Bill Payne – key­boards, vocals
Herb Pedersen – vocals
Joel Peskin – vocals, sax­o­phone
John Phillips – sax­o­phone, drums
Peggy Sandvig – piano
James Self – tuba
Steve Madaio – horns
Floyd Sneed – drums, vocals
J.D. Souther – bass, vocals
Paul Stallworth – bass, gui­tar
Fred Tackett – gui­tar, vocals
Maxine Willard Waters – vocals
Michael Ward – Truck Driver and Drum Tech
Gene Vano – Road Manager
Brad Kanawyer, Michael Hollyfield – design
Neon Park – cov­er art
Elizabeth George, Bob Marks, Nancy Goldfarb – pho­tog­ra­phy
Donn Landee, George Massenburg – engi­neer­ing
Billy Youdelman, Bruce Botnick, Doug Botnick – assis­tant engi­neer­ing
Richard Hayward, Lee Herschberg – dig­i­tal mastering

  • Jeff Brandt

    Jeff has been a music fan since the age of 7 when the album Meet the Beatles hit the streets. He grew up in Hoptown and went to col­lege at UK a cou­ple of times. He retired in 2016 and is cur­rent­ly amass­ing his music col­lec­tion. Jeff says he loves being retired but is tired of quarantining.