Album cover: If I could Only Remember My Name

If I Could Only Remember My Name — David Crosby

This has got to be one of, if not the best, albums of all time. It includes an all-star cast with mem­bers of the Grateful Dead, Santana, and Jefferson Airplane — along with Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash, and Neil Young. 

The album fea­tures Jerry Garcia and Neil Young togeth­er on gui­tar and vocals on “What are their Names,” a fab­u­lous collaboration. 

When I found this album, none of my friends had it. I was pleased that I was able to intro­duce it to them, and now per­haps to you. If you’ve nev­er heard it in its entire­ty, believe me, you’re gonna love it!

This album has been reis­sued in CD for­mat as an anniver­sary edi­tion. If you don’t have it, get it. You won’t regret it.

Track listing

1.“Music Is Love”Crosby, Nash, Young3:16
2.“Cowboy Movie”Crosby8:02
3.“Tamalpais High (At About 3)”Crosby3:29
5.“What Are Their Names”Crosby, Garcia, Lesh, Shrieve, Young4:09
6.“Traction In The Rain”Crosby3:40
7.“Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves)”Crosby5:53
9.“I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here”Crosby1:19
10.“Kids And Dogs”Crosby7:01
Track list­ing for the album If I Could Only Remember my Name

Artists appearing

  • David Crosby – vocals, guitars
  • Graham Nash – gui­tar, vocals (on “Music Is Love”, “Tamalpais High”, “Laughing”, “What Are Their Names”, “Traction in the Rain” and “Song with No Words”)
  • Jerry Garcia – elec­tric gui­tar (on “Cowboy Movie”, “Tamalpais High”, “What Are Their Names” and “Song with No Words”); ped­al steel gui­tar (on “Laughing”); gui­tars (on “Kids and Dogs”); vocal (on “What Are Their Names”)
  • Neil Young – gui­tars, vocals (on “Music Is Love” and “What Are Their Names”); bass, vibra­phone, con­gas (on “Music Is Love”)
  • Jorma Kaukonen – elec­tric gui­tar (on “Tamalpais High” and “Song with No Words”)
  • Laura Allan – auto­harp, vocal (on “Traction in the Rain”)
  • Gregg Rolie – piano (on “Song with No Words”)
  • Phil Lesh – bass (on “Cowboy Movie”, “Tamalpais High”, “Laughing” and “What Are Their Names”); vocal (on “What Are Their Names”)
  • Jack Casady – bass (on “Song with No Words”)
  • Bill Kreutzmann – drums (on “Tamalpais High” and “Laughing”); tam­bourine (on “Cowboy Movie”)
  • Michael Shrieve – drums (on “What Are Their Names” and “Song with No Words”)
  • Mickey Hart – drums (on “Cowboy Movie”)
  • Joni Mitchell – vocals (on “Laughing” and “What Are Their Names”)
  • David Freiberg, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick – vocals (on “What Are Their Names”)
  • Stephen Barncard – engi­neer, dig­i­tal remas­ter­ing producer
  • Ellen Burke – assis­tant engineer
  • Gary Burden – art direction
  • Henry Diltz – photography
  • Elliot Roberts, Ronald Stone – management
  • David Geffen – direc­tion
  • Steve Hall – sur­round mas­ter­ing engi­neer 2006 DVD reissue
  • Bill Dooley – com­pact disc dig­i­tal mas­ter­ing engi­neer 2006 reissue

Album information

  • Released: February 22, 1971
  • Recorded: 1970–1971
  • Studio: Wally Heider, San Francisco A&M, Hollywood
  • Length: 37:04
  • Label: Atlantic
  • Producer: David Crosby

Listen to the whole orig­i­nal album below. Ignore the video on Cowboy Movie and enjoy the audio.

Note: The track “Kids and Dogs” is not on the orig­i­nal album.

  • Jeff Brandt

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