Album cover: Nowhere Road - Chris Youlden

Nowhere Road — Chris Youlden

And now for some­thing com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent.  I bought this album in 1973 because I loved Chris Youlden’s voice and style. He had moved from singer/songwriter with Savoy Brown to solo record­ing after Savoy Brown decid­ed to go with Dave Peverett as their vocalist. 

Album cov­er: Nowhere Road — Chris Youlden

I can’t real­ly describe what I loved about this album but I have now been lis­ten­ing to it for over 45 years. I was so glad when I found it on CD and was able to dis­card the vinyl with all my oth­ers. I con­tin­ue to lis­ten to this quite often. The CD is now offered online and via stream­ing on YouTube.

Savoy Brown con­tin­ued with “Looking In” in 1971, and I’ll include that release on a lat­er playlist along with some infor­ma­tion about some mem­bers leav­ing and form­ing Foghat from that line-up. Savoy Brown con­tin­ued on with front­man Kim Simmonds for years to come.

Album Information

All songs were writ­ten by Chris Youlden.

  • “Nowhere Road” – 4:51
  • “One October Day” – 2:25
  • “Chink of Sanity” – 4:01
  • “Crying in the Road” – 3:38
  • “Mamma Don’t You Talk So Loud” – 3:13
  • “Standing on the Corner” – 3:29
  • “In the Wood” – 4:14
  • “Wake Up Neighbour” – 2:39
  • “Street Sounds” – 4:31
  • “Time Will Tell” – 2:43
  • “Pick Up My Dogs” – 2:40


  • Chris Youlden – vocals
  • Danny Kirwan – guitar
  • Chris Spedding – guitar
  • Ray Fenwick – guitar
  • Foggy Lyttle – acoustic guitar
  • Andy Silvester – bass guitar
  • Roy Babbington – bass guitar
  • Bruce Rowland – drums
  • Mike MacNaught – piano
  • Pete Wingfield – piano
  • Sue and Sunny – back­ing vocals
  • Produced by Barry Murray for Murray/Simmonds Productions Ltd.
  • Engineer – Terry Evennett
  • Released — March 1973
  • Recorded — 1972
  • Label — Deram (UK) London (USA) Spectrum Generic CD 3694 Remaster 2003 (Canada)
  • Producer — Barry Murray

Listen to the com­plete album here:

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