Rubber Soul — The Beatles

Last week I pre­sent­ed the Beatles’ first (US) album Meet the Beatles. That was the album that hooked me, but this is the album that reeled me in. Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles album.

Here, I present the US ver­sion I grew up on. I read some­where that “In My Life” was vot­ed the best rock song ever written/recorded, I tend to agree.

Album Information

Released    December 3, 1965
Recorded   October 12 – 11 November 11, 1965 (except 17 June 1965 for “Wait”)
Studio         EMI, London
Length        34:55
Label           Capitol
Producer    George Martin
Original North American release

All tracks are writ­ten by Lennon–McCartney except where noted

Side 1

Song                                                        Vocal(s)             Length

1.      “I’ve Just Seen a Face”                                 McCartney         2:04
2.      “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” Lennon              2:05
3.      “You Won’t See Me”                                       McCartney         3:19
4.      “Think for Yourself” (Harrison)                     Harrison             2:19
5.      “The Word”                                                      Lennon              2:42
6.      “Michelle”                                                         McCartney         2:42

Total length:      15:11

Side 2

1.      “It’s Only Love”                                                Lennon              1:53
2.      “Girl”                                                                  Lennon              2:33
3.      “I’m Looking Through You”                           McCartney         2:24
4.      “In My Life”                                                      Lennon              2:24
5.      “Wait”                                             Lennon and McCartney     2:15
6.      “Run for Your Life”                                         Lennon              2:15

Total length:      13:44

John Lennon – lead, har­mo­ny and back­ing vocals; rhythm, acoustic and lead gui­tars; organ on “Think for Yourself”; tam­bourine
Paul McCartney – lead, har­mo­ny and back­ing vocals; bass, acoustic and lead gui­tars; piano; mara­cas
George Harrison – lead, har­mo­ny and back­ing vocals; lead, rhythm and acoustic gui­tars; sitar on “Norwegian Wood”; mara­cas, tambourineRingo Starr – drums, tam­bourine, mara­cas, cow­bell, bells, cym­bals; Hammond organ on “I’m Looking Through You”; lead vocals on “What Goes On“
George Martin – pro­duc­tion, mix­ing; piano on “In My Life”, har­mo­ni­um on “The Word” and “If I Needed Someone“
Mal Evans – Hammond organ on “You Won’t See Me“
Norman Smith – engi­neer­ing, mix­ing
Robert Freeman – pho­tog­ra­phy
Charles Front – illustration

  • Jeff Brandt

    Jeff has been a music fan since the age of 7 when the album Meet the Beatles hit the streets. He grew up in Hoptown and went to col­lege at UK a cou­ple of times. He retired in 2016 and is cur­rent­ly amass­ing his music col­lec­tion. Jeff says he loves being retired but is tired of quarantining.