Who Came First — Pete Townsend

I had this album a long time ago and then lost track of it. Fairly recent­ly I found the CD. This is a quirky group of songs but there are a few gems like “Pure and Easy” and “Nothing Is Everything (Let’s See Action).”

There’s a lot of cross-over between this album and the Who’s Who’s Next. This is a must-have for any true Who fan. Also, there is sort of a com­pan­ion CD called “Lifehouse Elements” by Townsend that I high­ly rec­om­mend. “Lifehouse” was a project Townsend was work­ing on that orig­i­nat­ed out of “Who Came First” (or the oth­er way around.)

Album Information (Deluxe Edition)

1.         “Pure & Easy”                                               Townshend   5:32
2.         “Evolution”                                                    Ronnie Lane 3:43
3.         “Forever’s No Time At All”             Nicholls, McInnerny 3:05
4.         “Let’s See Action”                                        Townshend   6:22
5.         “Time is Passing”                                        Townshend   3:25
6.         “There’s a Heartache Following Me”        Ray Baker     3:21
7.         “Sheraton Gibson”                                       Townshend   2:36
8.         “Content”                                     Kennedy, Townshend  2:43
9.         “Parvardigar”                                    Meher, Townshend 6:49
10.       “His Hands”                                                  Townshend   2:07
11.       “The Seeker” (2017 Edit)                            Townshend   4:36
12.       “Day of Silence”                                           Townshend   2:57
13.       “Sleeping Dog”                                             Townshend   2:56
14.       “Mary Jane” (Stage A, Alternate Take)    Townshend   2:35
15.       “I Always Say” (2017 Edit)                          Townshend   4:58
16.       “Begin the Beguine” (2017 Mix)                Cole Porter    4:41
17.       “Baba O’Riley” (Instrumental)                    Townshend   9:49
18.       “The Love Man” (Stage C)                         Townshend   4:54
19.       “Content” (Stage A)                   Kennedy, Townshend  2:46
20.       “Day of Silence” (Alternate Version)         Townshend   4:38
21.       “Parvardigar” (Alternate Take)       Meher, Townshend 7:12
22.       “Nothing is Everything” (Earlier Take)      Townshend   3:57
23.       “There’s a Fortune in Those Hills”            Townshend   4:09
24.       “Meher Baba in Italy” (Instrumental)         Townshend   2:20
25.       “Drowned” (Live in India)                            Townshend   2:02
26.       “Evolution (Stone)” (Live at Ronnie Lane Memorial, Royal Albert Hall, London, April 8, 2004) Ronnie Lane 6:12

Pete Townshend — vocals, gui­tars, key­boards, bass gui­tar, drums, per­cus­sion; har­mon­i­ca on “Day of Silence“
Ronnie Lane — vocals and gui­tar on “Evolution“
Billy Nicholls — vocals and gui­tar on “Forever’s No Time at All“
Caleb Quaye — gui­tars, bass gui­tar, and per­cus­sion on “Forever’s No Time at All”

Original Album:

Released       October 1972
Recorded       1969–72
Studio             Eel Pie Sound, London, England
Length             38:04
Label               Track/Polydor (UK) Track/Decca/MCA (US)
Producer        Pete Townshend

  • Jeff Brandt

    Jeff has been a music fan since the age of 7 when the album Meet the Beatles hit the streets. He grew up in Hoptown and went to col­lege at UK a cou­ple of times. He retired in 2016 and is cur­rent­ly amass­ing his music col­lec­tion. Jeff says he loves being retired but is tired of quarantining.