Mornings on Main

Here’s this week’s line­up for the pop­u­lar local radio pro­gram, Mornings on Main with Tim Smith. You can catch the show every week­day morn­ing begin­ning at 7 AM on WWKY-FM 102.9 or 990 AM. 

Monday, hour 1: Carolyn Burtner/Patricia Stewart Hopkins, sui­cide aware­ness
Monday, hour 2: Ada Rash, Relay for Life

Tuesday, hour 1: Rachel Boyd/Peggy McAlister, Downtown Development Investment Fund
Tuesday, hour 2: David Lane, Uplifting Ministries

Wednesday, hour 1: Ed Burtner, city com­mis­sion
Wednesday, hour 2:   Ellen McGreevey, Ale 81

Thursday, hour 1: Amy Moore, Walk & Roll Spina Bifida
Thursday, hour 2:  Greg Yates/Bob Jackson, Kiwanis back-to-school clothing

Friday, hour 1: Nick Comer/Bruce Manley, can­di­dates forum
Friday, hour 2: Darryl Terry, Stockyards Bank