Mornings on Main

Here’s this week’s line­up for the pop­u­lar local radio pro­gram, Mornings on Main with Tim Smith. You can catch the show every week­day morn­ing begin­ning at 7 AM on WWKY-FM 102.9 or 990 AM. 

Monday, hour 1:  Lark Watts & Bruce Stanfield, Opening Act
Monday, hour 2: Alan Walters, State Farm

Tuesday, hour 1: Justin Atwood CountryTime Motors Service
Tuesday, hour 2: Debbie Barnes & Guests

Wednesday, hour 1: Tiffany Fletcher & April Stanfield, Parks & Recreation
Wednesday, hour 2:   Elizabeth Chalfant, Pioneer Festival

Thursday, hour 1: Kitty Strode, Pioneer Festival
Thursday, hour 2:  Nancy Turner, Pioneer Festival

Friday, hour 1: Kevin Mayhorn, WMU
Friday, hour 2: Roy Burns, Johnny Lyman, & Wayne Moore, The Classics and Prime Cut