santa claus riding on red and blue cart

Contrary to pre­vi­ous reports, the Winchester Christmas parade will be held this year, on December 14 at six pm. 

Rachael Boyd with Main Street Winchester asked us to clar­i­fy that MSW is not putting on the parade. An “out­side com­mu­ni­ty group” is in charge of the event. 

“We sup­port it and will share on our social media the parade infor­ma­tion and forms, but we are not putting it on,” Ms. Boyd said. 

According to a Facebook page, there will be a few adjust­ments made to the parade this year to keep every­one safe. The fol­low­ing is tak­en from the Facebook page:

1. The parade will be con­tin­u­ous with no stops. This means you can sit on the side­walks along Main Street from Hickman Street to Depot Street and enjoy the parade, with­out feel­ing like you are miss­ing out on a per­for­mance in front of the Court House.

2. After the parade con­cludes, you are invit­ed down to Depot Street, where Santa will be set up to meet with your kids! There will be a few fun vehi­cles and floats to check out too!

3. If you want to par­tic­i­pate in the parade with a float, group, club or per­son­al entry, please click this link to enter:…/1FAIpQLSfxTHIBqqDyi…/viewform* The dead­line to enter to par­tic­i­pate in the Christmas Parade is Monday, Dec. 6th at 5 pm. No exceptions.